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       85. Brilliance                                                        02/13/07  


Scott Williams SILO oil on board 12 x 14 inches for press release.jpg
by Scott Williams oil on board 12x14 inches.


Everything around us is of the brilliance shining all around us
We are the ongoing brilliance of time and space.
Surrender to the brilliance and shine
a smile of existence.

Self surrenders to the open space of the breath
Opening doors of perception of the brilliance.

Allowing brilliance to perform the very miracle that we are.
Like a wash of breath seeking the open internal spaces inside
raising the form of our machinations to lighter wave lengths.
íSpacing outí as they say back at the club.

Each moment is of the brilliance with body, perception, time, space.
Warping space energy, full-filling our mystic body with ice cream.

A youthful reference creates a smile as we always smile at the new arrivals.
Reminders of purity of spirit without lies other wise known as ignorance).

Brilliance, always brilliant are love waves washing the shores of our soul.
Higher, up further, sky-high, beyond, empty, naked, maxed, expanded, space time continuum,
Kaleidoscopic spectrums of kosmic energy dancing in the streets.

Love is a mystery arriving as a kosmic infusion of what is true and beautiful.
With each breath it grows by leaps and bounds.
Soft warm words spring into action
softening the blows of humanatation.

Silence is free of words
Pretending to be of importance.
Non-existent existence dances anyway.

Beholding brilliance we come to open in the now
Being non-being, cool, on top of ones game, all important for now,
Or the common, ordinary, plan spectacle flashing with stars coming out of our seams.
A light show of energy able to accommodate humanatation
Whilst laughing and smiling inwardly at the Ďadultí story.

Sweet child within; brilliance.
I surrender to the bliss of our brilliance.





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