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updated 5/12/08

Standard definition of ASTHMA:

A disease of the bronchial tubes in which the individual has difficulty in breathing. Most asthmatic attacks are mild, but the condition is a chronic one.

Causes: There are two major causes of asthma The first is an infection of the nose, sinuses, bronchi, or lungs, This results in inherent asthma. The second and more common, type of asthma is caused by an allergic reaction that is usually hereditary in origin. In allergic asthma there is a sensitivity to pollens, house dust, wool, certain foods, etc. while in the ordinary asthma the causes can be stress related.


The title ASTHMA CURE is used to inform those of you who have some form of asthma that there is the possibility of a natural form of relief. Over time as you work with the information below you can determine for yourself if in fact the term cure is accurate. I am making no promises. Having worked with this problem as well as others for over 44 years it is apparent that our knowledge of the body and its ability to heal itself is constantly growing.

Asthma can have a range of intensity from the sensation of the breath being cut off to a mild cough.

Asthma can sometimes dissolve just from the process of learning how to breathe. Breathing, although a function that is considered automatic, which it is if it has to be, is a dynamic that we can learn to use. Asthma can be released as you learn how to breathe correctly. You can use gentle effort to bring breath into the body and work through the feelings of not having enough breath. Rather then having the thought "I can't breathe", see just how much breath (oxygen) you can get in.

When working with someone who has asthma getting them started with full diaphragmatic breathing while lying down is the first step. Once they are comfortable with that pattern of breathing we can explore the causes. Getting the history of when they were aware of having asthma we will try to trace down the time frame of its appearance in their life and see if it relates to being uncomfortable, angry or feeling hindered. Session for working with Full Breathing.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to find out the reason for the problem to treat the problem. Let's remove the arrow, then we can speculate on who shot the arrow.

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