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Meeting Ken Wilber


   After a month of anticipation of a meeting, with truly one of the most gifted minds to come in and jump start this Aquarian age, I drove to downtown Denver. I parked outside of the loft building a full half hour early. This gave me time to do the many preparatory things the good folks at home said I should do to make the meeting smoother. First I was to take some ETS, which is an emergency trauma solution, compliments of my wife Brenda. Then I was to call in the MAP team, a sort of subtle realm energy group that helps one in important matters that concern self and mankind. The previous readings in the I-Ching were most favorable, so I felt all good wishes were divinely in place.

   For the next fifteen minutes I observed the mind tripping all over itself with one thought or another as if advice was needed when usually just saying hello has worked well for me over the years.

   Time to go, as I exited the car I could hear some geese flying over head, surly a good sign and then I saw a rainbow in the afternoon sky! Ah! Another good sign. Must be the gods are happy. As I knocked on the door I was greeted by Colin an assistant of Kenís. I started to hear music as if a chorus of angels were singing. Walking in, Ken came over to me and light was filling the room, we shook hands and I could feel a surge of energy and heat coming from Ken as an uplifted sense took over. A familiar peace came over me, usually felt after working on a painting for some hours. Time seemed to stand still as we shared some comments about unpacking the subject of alignment.

I brought some show-biz pictures of Monica, who discovered and innovated alignment work,  in Ballet and Dance poses taken in the forties and fifties. Monica came to NYC from Portland Oregon in 1938 when she was 16 years old to audition for the chore de ballet of Leonade Massineís Ballet Rouse. He enjoyed her dancing so much he immediately selected her for the lead role in a new Ballet, The Unfortunate Painter he was to present. Things were all up hill for Monica after that and Hollywood was not far off. At 21 Monica came down with Polio and for two years worked to come out of this by natural means. Many of the initial insights about alignment where gained at this time and Monica went on to have a brilliant career in show business.

   As Ken went delightfully over the photos and we talked of her story it was as if Monica herself was in the room, smiling and enchanting as always. Ken was aglow with comprehension of Monicaís being, fascinated by the beauty and obvious competency depicted in her history.

   Then we talked for awhile as I watched angels dancing around Ken and saw images of Moses, Jesus and Nagarjuna fade in and out. Confidant that his open gaze was absorbing everything said and more, I proceeded to explain the ABCís of alignment by demonstrating their look and feel on Colin who joined us.

   After about 5 minutes of the demonstration a Zen change occurred in the space, like wind whistling in the pines. Ken got up from his chair, unrobed and in a booming voice, like waves breaking on the shore said; show me. With that I was locked in on Kenís feet, guiding the feel of having arches and the weight of the body all in place. Immediate comprehension was all that I encountered as I went up the body illustrating full diaphragmatic breathing, then on to adjusting his chin and head so the crown chakra became the top of  Kenís magnificent body that stood like a colossus.

    From there we went to the ground to play with the different positions that unwrap natureís child from the bindings of muscular strain. Without hesitation the tremblings of energy began rolling off the body with each position presented. As I looked into Kenís eyes I could see the clear pool of nowness, aware of all life in a heartbeat. We explored in this fashion for an eternity that claimed it self to be several hours. I was feeling the total integral embrace I had read so much of. Like a dream state filled with the infinite understanding that lets one know unending enfoldment has a glad-hand in this dance of form. 

    We concluded with an embrace of fondness and then said our good bys. As I exited the building still hearing the music in my ears, I looked up to the heavens and saw a cloud form in the shape of an eagle, its head turned my way, then I could swear she winked.

picture © hh 5/11/04

Below are several pages giving an overview of Ken Wilber's work and influence;



Posted by harmon at May 17, 2004


Most interesting Harmon. Thank you for sharing the specifics of your visit to Ken Wilber's home. You do a good things for a lot of people, my friend.

Posted by: Solstice on May 18, 2004

thanks good buddy. Posted by:
harmon on May 20, 2004

It' uplifting to see the two best teachers I know together. I'm sure Ken Wilber saw. And you both look great.



Posted by: Jacques Danis on May 20, 2004

Jacques dear Jacques how are you, good to see you enjoying the best of the given word. Say hello to all the good folk in Quebec.

Posted by: Harmon on May 20, 2004

Dear Harmon, how good to see you so happy!
I would starve overhere without the delicious brainfood you and your journal and blogs are leading to...and now this gorgeous pinup for a lonely womans screen! Thank you so much, big hug to Brenda and you,
Love & Peace

Posted by: Elfriede on May 26, 2004

Hey Harmon - that was really pretty cool. I'm not sure who had the more interesting time - you, Ken, (or us). I hope you didn't leave out the firewood choping stories - may require a second visit! Take care. Thanks. Rob

Posted by: Rob on June 2, 2004


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