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Results that uplift and inform.                                                           08/11/1997


"The Proof is in the Pudding"  ~~~Culinary saying~~~


These stories of some extreme cases of physical problems that were solved using alignment and breath, illustrate the power of working with these truths that you might not otherwise appreciate if your body is already in good shape.

Many of the practitioners of this work are amazed at first by the results they are getting with people who have physical problems. Something as simple as learning alignment principles and breathing can have a dramatic affect on real physical problems.


MR. M.

One of the first unusual experiences I had while giving group classes was with a man who was 56 years old. We will refer to him as M. This experience illustrates both the recuperative ability of the human body and the importance of working on our alignment.

In 1965, in New York City, MR. M came to work in weekly classes on alignment. When he was 8 years old he was hit by a car and thrown about fifty feet off the ground and landed on his feet. He then tumbled along the ground about another 30 feet. His body still showed the scars from this accident as well as completely compacted ankles. His feet looked like they started 3 inches above what we would normally call the ankles. That ankle area of his legs looked swollen and he used a cane to walk because there was very little flexibility in his feet.

He worked in class for about one and a half years. His body had experienced a lot of rejuvenation and releasing in this period. In one class while he was opening and closing his legs his right foot and ankle made a loud popping sound and he started to laugh and cry at the same time. His foot had popped open and his ankle appeared as if normal! He walked around and was exclaiming how good he felt. His explanation had an ecstatic quality and I could only guess at what he was experiencing.

Now he had one normal foot and ankle, but this caused him to have a wobble since his left ankle was still compacted. That week Mr. M called and announced that while he was working at home his other ankle had done the same thing! When he came in to the next class he looked taller and again, was ecstatic about this incredible change in his body.

Mr. M’s body after 48 years was able to restore its damaged structure. As a witness to this phenomenal healing I gained respect for the human body and a faith in the human bodies ability to heal.



MR. J.

Mr. J was a man of 70 when he came to me. He was very healthy except for his legs. At the age of 30, after a night in a small boat on stormy waters were he thought he would die, he woke up paralyzed the next morning in both legs.  In order to walk he would throw his legs around and forward with the use of two canes. His condition was diagnosed as polio.

He spent the next 40 years searching the world for a natural cure, which is quite remarkable. He studied Yoga with Yogananda, metaphysics with Manly Palmer Hall and spirituality with Rudolf Stiener. He experienced an assortment of psychics and healers and anything that had a promise of a natural treatment for his condition.

Mr. J explored the best hospitals around the country to examine what they had to offer in the way of remedies. One suggestion he was given by a surgeon was muscle replacement. They suggested taking muscle from one area of the body and introducing them into his legs. When he asked, how long that would take? He was told 8 months in the hospital for each leg. He then asked if he would be able to walk after this operation. He got many exclamations about the wonders of the new techniques and how this was the only solution for him, but he didn’t get an answer to his question.

I benefited so much from the wealth of Mr. J's  stories about the different modalities that he tried. How wonderful of Mr. J to have applied his effort to finding a natural remedy. Here he was 40 years later still looking for a natural solution.


When he first stood before me I saw that his lower leg muscles were about 85% atrophied and his upper legs were about 50% atrophied. I had no idea as to whether I could help him with his legs other then releasing the upper body and working with accumulated tensions he had from his condition. We made an agreement to work for 2 hours 5 days a week. I started him doing deep breathing and introduced the various releasing sessions.

In about a week’s time Mr. J felt better from the sessions and wanted to concentrate the sessions toward working on his lower body. We spent a lot of time with just walking and trying to use the muscles and joints as they were naturally designed to move even if it was in slow motion. I also spent time manipulating the muscle tissue of his legs in an outward, open direction and taught him to do this type of massage for himself.

With in a month he was able to walk with out his canes, which was very satisfying for him. But he still had to swing his legs forward. We continued for months and started to see actual growth of the calf muscles. This was very encouraging. He was starting to walk more naturally, and his body looked more erect and fuller.

After about six months of working with breathing and alignment his calf muscles had about a ninety-percent improvement! He was able to walk with an almost natural gate and felt fine. The dignity of his body was greatly restored. He learned how to work with his body so that he was able to continue releasing tensions.


Working with people who have spinal problems or bad backs always presents results that are a positive. Below are 2 different cases of severe back problems especially of the lower back.


Mr. E came to me with a 20-year back problem that would come and go over the years, but was increasing in intensity over this period of time. Many times he would be laid up and be totally immobilized for weeks by this problem. When he came to me he admitted that he didn’t know if he would be able to get out of his truck to come in the door. He was in severe sciatic pain that went from the lower back down to his knees.

I started Mr. E doing expansive breathing, while standing, and instructing him with the elements of breathing and how that effects the alignment of his spine and body. After 20 minutes I had him lay down on his back and put his legs up against a couch. Doing the slow opening and closing of the legs to free up the muscles of the lower body and also to address the immediate tensions in his lower back and legs. We also worked on doing expansive breathing to create space in his lower back between his hips and rib cage. He started to get many different releases occurring in his body. When he got up after the session of about one hour and fifteen minutes he walked around the room and felt fifty percent better. We made an appointment for the next week and he agreed to work with what he had learned during the session. He walked away from this session without the use of his cane.

Four sessions later he was 100% better and all smiles. Every now and then I see him on his way to the golf course to play in the local league and tournaments. In four sessions he was free of his 20-year back problem and also had the tools to work on his own and to continue the rejuvenation and healing of his body.


Mr. H.

Mr. H., age 35, had severe curvature of the spine and was suffering with sciatic pain for months when he came for a session. At age 13 he was diagnosed as having scoliosis of the spine.

In our first session I spent some time helping him see how really strong and sound his spine was so that he would not be afraid of moving his own spine. We worked with full breathing, walking and lying down for 2 hours. After the session he found that he did not need his cane as security.

He called me when he got home to schedule a session for the next day. Within four sessions he was feeling completely released from the problem and continues to take classes to work with himself and others.




A case that is an interesting example of release from tendonitis or bursitis was with a women Mrs. B. She was 73. She was visiting with her son who lives near our center and he called me to come and see her in an informal way and see if anything could be done to help her. She had a progressive problem of her right shoulder and was under a doctor’s care. She was scheduled to have an operation in three weeks on her shoulder to try and remedy this problem. She was also very skeptical about any non-medical treatment being of help.

When I met her Mrs. B literally could not raise her left arm from her side because it was very painful to do so. I coached her a little bit in moving her arm with the palm of her hand open and facing up to the ceiling. This allowed a little more motion for her but there was still a lot of pain and fear of moving her arm in any direction where there was pain. We worked for about 20 minutes in which time I did very light rubbing of the shoulder and turning of her arm open while she moved the arm. By the end of 20 minutes she was able to move her arm almost three-quarters up off her side. She was very pleased with her movement and said she felt a lot better.

A week later Mr. B called me and said she spoke to her doctor about how much better she felt and how much more motion she had with Her arm. He told her if that is the case she should work with some alignment to see if we can remedy this further before they proceed to operate. Thanks to the kindness of her doctor we made an appointment and started to do sessions.

Mrs. B’s arm was fine in two sessions and she also felt great because of the breathing and alignment work we did. We continued to work because she was interested in taking care of her whole body. All in all we had about 10 sessions. She now is able to work with her body and rejuvenate her body. She would constantly say at the end of her sessions "I feel like I am 20 years old." Her direct exclamation about how good her whole body felt was music to my ears.



MR. R.

Mr.R, who was 39, came to me because he was having hip and leg pains. He wore one elevated shoe, which he started to wear when he was 13 years old. He also used a cane to assist him with walking. The problem was diagnosed as having one leg shorter then the other. This is a diagnosis that I have heard from many people. In each case I have found this not to be true.

When one leg seems to be shorter then another it invariably is from the misalignment of the upper body. This can cause the hip on one side to rise higher then the other side and creates the impression that one leg is shorter then another. Usually this is corrected by understanding and working with ones alignment.

The first session we worked with breathing and releasing tensions from the whole body. In Mr. R’s second session we worked with walking and breathing. I had him walk very slowly without any limping while using breath to help lift and align his upper body. Within 15 minutes he was able to walk at a normal pace with out any discernable limp. We spent the rest of the session walking to break down any habits he had developed after 26 years with an orthopedic lift in one shoe.

After two sessions he no longer needed the orthopedic shoes and is able to work with his body. As Mr. R continues working with his body the openings are like discoveries of new abilities that were dormant because he felt he had a permanent disability.


The stories go on and on about what are seen as remarkable recoveries, yet it just illustrates that your body, given accurate information about breathing and alignment, is able to heal and grow naturally. The magic is in your body and the confidence you develop for your friend, the body.


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