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Testimonials from a few people
        Alignment & Breath-work has helped... 



I've been a PT, yoga enthusiast, massage therapist, among other things for a number of years. Lately, I have been contending with the reemergence of an old sports injury causing pain to the right hip. After self diagnosing and trying many approaches nothing really seemed to help.
Then I came across your generous writings; Curious, I performed your arch lifting standing practice without intending so much to address the hip (I was beginning to just accept it) as to simply experience the technique. What a surprise when I finished. 90 % of the pain immediately resolved.

What a cool technique you have there. It is very sensible, but more importantly, so simple.


{Worked with blog article!}



I don't want to say it's been a miracle, or that all pain or problems have left, but the work you did with me 2 weeks ago had such a profoundly positive effect on my sciatica and lower back problem it is truly amazing.

For close to 6 weeks, the majority of the time it was so painful getting in and out of the car, for instance, that I was afraid my left gluteus was actually going to rip in the process. The relief was so immediate and dramatic that the Tuesday after I saw you I cancelled a chiropractic appt. because I realized there was a good chance they'd screw up whatever had been finally put straight. I haven't been back- I'd been seeing him for a month or so and was getting nowhere. I spend about 40 minutes every morning, being with my body as you have demonstrated, and its really been working.


Scott Williams Teacher, Musician, Artist.



"I was quite amazed when I found relief in a single 2-hour session with Harmon Hathaway from a painful elbow and forearm injury which had limited my active lifestyle for 14 months. As a physician trained in traditional medicine, even though I am open to alternative medical modalities it was a singularly impressive experience."

Leonard Herbert Glassman, M.D.



    In a matter of weeks, with just 15 to 30 min. of that breathing a day, I have fully recovered from chronic fatigue that has dogged me the past two years.

    I have gone from being afraid of “things draining me” to knowing that I can restore myself. My energy has increased, in a gentle balanced but profound way, beyond my wildest dreams. (Improving my outlook on life and self-confidence immeasurably.)

 Joyce Goldman



"The session I had with Harmon was one of the best body sessions I ever had."

Milton Feher
School of Dance and Relaxation NYC


[Note: Mr. Feher has been teaching dance and relaxation for over fifty years]

“The Hathaway Alignment System represents a fundamental advance in the treatment and understanding of the body.”

Dr. Benjamin Perkus
Psychotherapist and Director of Research,
The Pain Institute in Chicago

“The Hathaway Alignment principles are a quantum leap in our understanding of the body.”

Michael Cook Ph.D.
Researcher, Rockefeller Institute


I have benefited a lot from body alignment done with Harmon Hathaway. I was 65 years old when I did a few sessions with Harmon. I had fallen arches and a sagging body and by understanding and practicing just a small part of body alignment I corrected these body problems.

 Now I’m 67 and feel more energetic and have more self confidence then I had at 50.

                                                                                 James Caban  NY


E-mail communication 2003 {worked with Book}

I discovered your alignment releasing sessions in February this year and am continually stunned at what evolves. At first I was grateful to find a method to release those pinched nerves etc that is more effective than massage and stretching. Within two months I found my uneven legs of 30 years or more had righted themselves ... amazing! Must add that during my first releasing session I laughed so much I almost cried. At every session, as I relax into the momentum of the releasing of my arms, back, legs, jaw ... new movements evolve inspiring me to wonder about the relevance of particular energy pathways in my body.

                                                Dora Levakis - Australia


“I tried everything for severe bursitis of four years and Harmon cleared it up in one session.”

Walter Reed
Delhi, NY

“I cleared up a severe 20 year back problem in four sessions.
I have also learned how to keep my back released.

Tom MacNaught
Delhi, NY

“The Hathaway Alignment System literally saved my life, making the difference between night and day in my creative process and opening horizons of discovery in my everyday enjoyment of life.”

Geronimo Sands
Artistic Director, Priscilla Beach Theatre
Plymouth, MA

“The Hathaway Alignment System has been the foundation for teaching Personal and Physical Health Classes.  My students have gained invaluable physical breakthroughs in their body development leading to perfect harmony in mind and body.”

Anne Joelle
Executive Director, Priscilla Beach Theatre
Plymouth, MA

“I have been privileged to work with Harmon and Monica for over 20 years. They have a deep understanding of the human body. They have developed very effective techniques for releasing tension and frozen energy, helping the body to function freely, as it was meant to function.”

Marion Perkus Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist

“As rich as my dancer/choreographer experiences had been, until I did the Hathaway Alignment work, I had never encountered an approach that considered and addressed the “whole” person. Coming from a class of forty students at the Martha Graham Studio, it was a shock to be recognized as an individual with particular needs. Where I was used to being “corrected” in class and obeying a command like “point your toe more” or “hold your stomach in tighter”, I was now tasting a new kind of understanding. With the breathing and alignment work I felt a flow through my body which enlivened and informed all of it. And “all of it” came to mean a totality-mind, body and spirit. As I relaxed into this physical and mental openness my senses became more awake and responsive.

Transforming into an aligned human being has a joyous clarity and accessibility. I’ve learned that the more I feel, the more I love—it’s simple.”

Tamar Rogoff
International Choreographer,

This is a letter about the book Hathaway Alignment Sessions.
I received it from Susan Danis who runs a school with her husband Jacques in Quebec.

"Just got your book yesterday, and I read half of it in one sitting and skimmed the rest quickly. I really love it. It's clear, brief yet precise, well-explained and right to the point. In fact, it gave me a much clearer understanding of many things I learned from you and Monica, but didn't understand the "why" at the time. Maybe it was me.

In the book, all the points you want to make about alignment and breath are so clear and logically explained that it gave me a new perspective on things I'd learned and done 10 or 15 years ago.

I read many books, and I found myself thinking that I wish other books could just get to the point in such an unconfusing manner, rather than state and restate things similar but from so many different viewpoints and through so many anecdotes, that often I find I'm wandering from the point and don't take the time to get back and extract the important points.

It's truly a simple self-explanatory manual. I intend to order others as gifts for people who I think will appreciate and benefit. I love the drawing of collapsed vs. not collapsed sitting, both as seen from outside the body and seen with the clear drawing of using the sitting bones vs. sitting on the tailbone. I teach this to children since we sit cross-legged on the floor. I show them their "breathing bones" (flexible ribs) in a hands-on way. I try to get them to feel them on their own, as they find their ribs, but I demonstrate sitting bone sitting without touching them. I plan on enlarging this picture into a permanent poster-size teaching tool.

Also, the dedication is lovely. I wish you great success with your work, and hope the book gets out to enough people to open up new avenues of work for you. Let me know how it's going. If you lived closer, I'd suggest having you come to the school and playing, demonstrating with the kids, for their benefit as well as the networking potential, as I always have a fair number of physical therapists, chiros, nurses, and other type therapists as clients. Anyway, best of luck to you, and sincere congratulations on something really well done."

Love to all, Susan


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